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Why Major in anthropology at UD

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As an Anthropology major or minor at the University of Delaware you'll have an opportunity to take a full range of classes on topics in the discipline of anthropology and its subfields (social and cultural anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, medical anthropology, and applied anthropology) and to participate in research alongside our faculty that allows you to advance your anthropological interests, whether locally, nationally, or globally.

The Department of Anthropology at UD is known for providing its undergraduates with a true learning community, where excellent facilities are combined with close personal contact between students and faculty.

Our students have accompanied the professors to research sites in such places as Latin America and Southeast Asia, and have worked side-by-side with them in local and national archeological field sites. We have travel funds and award opportunities for undergraduates who conduct research. Some of our students serve as undergraduate teaching assistants to faculty.

Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology at UD provides you with a combination of classroom instruction and practical experiences:

  • Our students take introductory and advanced courses in anthropology and archaeology, social and cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and anthropological history and theory.
  • Students can fill out their anthropology degree with courses that focus on a particular world area or theme, on Native Americans, on biological, medical, and public-health-related issues, on the impact of globalization, religion, art and material culture, and on Old World and historical archeology.  
  • Our courses expose students to hands-on archaeological fieldwork, ethnographic fieldwork, and laboratory opportunities and a chance to explore cultural and human diversity on campus and in study-abroad courses. 
  • Our active anthropology club allows you to deepen your engagement with students and faculty who share your interests; to plan and sponsor activities and talks; and to travel with fellow student-anthropologists to conferences, research sites, and symposia.

Anthropology at UD provides you with a well-grounded theoretical understanding of the relationship of human beings to one another and to the natural world past and present. It gives you a set of practical methodologies and writing and critical analytical skills that are applicable to a wide range of careers and professions. We are committed to providing you with an  education that will broaden your understanding of human diversity, offer practical career training, and give you the tools and resources you need to live in an increasingly complex and global world.

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Why Major in anthropology at UD
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