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Getting candid about mental illness

Anthropology Professor Peter Benson turns his research inward, exploring his struggle with bipolar disorder and substance abuse

Keeping it local

UD researchers explore ways to reduce textile waste, spur local economy

How I Teach — Anthropology

Professor Kedron Thomas helps students explore cultures while boosting their academic skills
Tee shirt with handwritten words, such as "COVID-19" and "racism."

2021-2022 Annual Theme: ​Research and Response to COVID-19

Anthropological research is essent​​ial for designing and implementing disease prevention strategies, strengthening health care systems, and promoting well-being in diverse contexts. Right now, anthropologists are researching the diverse social impacts and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, and exposing the ways that this public health crisis intersects with other forms of injustice.

2021-2022 Annual Theme

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Bordering: Centering the Marginalized

The borders we trace through human experience tell us about more than just boundaries. Through attention to borders we can better understand the relations of power and inequality that structure human experience. It is only through recognizing borders that we can hope to overcome them.

2020-21 a​nnual the​me