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UN World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day takes place every year on the 20th of June, an international day dedicated to refugees around the world who have been forced to flee their home countries to escape conflict and persecution.

Getting candid about mental illness

Anthropology Professor Peter Benson turns his research inward, exploring his struggle with bipolar disorder and substance abuse

Keeping it local

UD researchers explore ways to reduce textile waste, spur local economy
Tee shirt with handwritten words, such as "COVID-19" and "racism."

​Speaker Series

Each year, the UD Department of Anthropology develops and hosts a number of programs, classes, and activities to engage crucial topics and issues in the contemporary world. This includes a vibrant colloquium speaker series.​

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Bordering: Centering the Marginalized

The borders we trace through human experience tell us about more than just boundaries. Through attention to borders we can better understand the relations of power and inequality that structure human experience. It is only through recognizing borders that we can hope to overcome them.

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