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Anthropology Courses

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Anthropology Courses (Spring 2021)

ANTH101 - Intro Social/Cultural Anthropology (Group B, multicultural)

Introduces major ideas and areas in the study of social and cultural anthropology. Use of ethnographic data and film to illustrate the anthropologist's view of societies in their sociocultural and ecological dimensions.

Section 010                             asynchronous                          R. Estrada Mejia

Section 011                             asynchronous                          J. Trivedi

Section 012                             asynchronous                          J. Neitzel

Section 014                             asynchronous                          J. Trivedi

Section 015                             asynchronous                          G. Ramsay

ANTH104 – Intro Archaeological and Biological Anthropology (Group D) 

Examines the fossil and archaeological record of human biological and cultural evolution. Emphasizes how archaeologists and biological anthropologists conduct their research. Considers the questions, methods, and data that distinguish these two sub-fields of anthropology as scientific disciplines.

Section 010                             MWF 1:25-2:15pm                 T. Rocek Section 080 

(honors)                                  MWF 1:25-2:15pm                 T. Rocek

ANTH105 – Archaeology of the Modern World (Group B)

An introduction to the methods, practice, and foundations of historical archaeology as well as to how historical archaeology can study and has interpreted the modern world.  Introduces students to the emergence and evolution of the modern world through a discipline that is global in scope, theoretically and methodologically diverse, and highly interdisciplinary.

Section 010                             asynchronous                          L. DeCunzo

ANTH106 – Anthropology of Health (Group D)

Introduces bio-cultural approaches to health. Covers topics ranging from evolutionary perspectives on health, ethno-medical systems, disease vs. illness, alternative medicine, placebo and nocebo, diet and nutrition, growth and development, reproductive health, aging, infections and chronic disease, stress, mental health, and social determinants of health disparities.

Section 010                             TR 12:30-1:45pm                   M. Melby

ANTH200 – Anthropological Theory

Provides a foundation in anthropological theory and insights into the relationship between theory, method, and social context. Examines the history of anthropology as an academic discipline and intellectual enterprise.

Section 010                             MW 8:40-9:55                        C. Guerron-Montero

ANTH202 – Genes, Bones, and Human Evolution (Group D)

Surveys human evolution from our earliest bipedal ancestors to the origins and spread of modern humans. Evaluates fossil evidence as well as the scientific methods of comparative and functional anatomy, paleo-genetics, and prehistoric archaeology. Key questions include how humans are different from and similar to our closest ape relatives, and when, why, and where we started walking on two legs, making tools, and burying our dead.

Section 010                             TR 9:30-10:45                        K. Rosenberg

ANTH218 – Solving Archaeological Mysteries (Group C, DLE)

Considers how archaeologists study ancient societies and the relevance of their research to the contemporary world. Case studies from the U.S. American Southwest are used to examine major questions, methods, and findings. Current issues include the impacts of climate change, cross- border migration, racial justice, cultural heritage preservation, and controversies with indigenous descendants about the proper treatment of ancestral burials and sacred sites.

Section 010                             asynchronous                          J. Neitzel

ANTH229 – Indians of North America (Group C, multicultural)

Provides an overview of North America’s indigenous peoples. Emphasis on understanding Native American cultures just prior to and during the early phases of their disruption by European Contact.  Separates what we “think we know” about American Indian people from what is “truly known.”

Section 010                                         asynchronous              J. Custer

ANTH232 – Anthropology of Global Youth (Group C, multicultural, DLE)

Joins American and International students in mutual learning about cultural similarities and differences as young, privileged, and connected citizens of today's globalized world. Students teach each other about their lives and cultures with the goal of generating deeper cross-cultural understanding and interaction.

Section 010                             asynchronous                          J. Neitzel

ANTH302 – Medical Anthropology (Group D)

Overview of the study of health and illness across different socio-cultural contexts around the world. Case studies include COVID-19, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, other infectious diseases, chronic illness, political violence, and environmental health with emphasis on the effects of race, gender, and class. Also considers various aspects of Western medicine, such as the mind/body dichotomy, the doctor/patient relationship, and the dominance of pharmaceuticals.

Section 010                             TR 11:00am-12:15pm            P. Benson

ANTH305 – Evolution of Human Sex Roles and Reproduction (Group D) 

Examines human sex differences, sex roles, and reproduction in an evolutionary and cross- cultural framework.  Considers the human fossil record, living non-human primates, modern biological differences between human females and males, and cross-cultural comparisons of living groups.

Section 010                             TR 12:30-1:45pm                   K. Rosenberg

ANTH320 – Prehistory North America (Group C, multicultural)

Examines cultural variation and the evolution of Native American cultures from initial Native settlement until European contact. Topics are organized around a cultural evolutionary and ecological approach, stressing changes in adaptive patterns and cultural variation over time and among groups.

Section 010                             MWF 10:10-11:00am             T. Rocek

ANTH326 - African Diaspora and the World (Group B, multicultural)

Overview of the continuities and connections within the African world experience. Main topics include the African diaspora’s history and geography, cultural specificities of its diverse cultures, rebellions and revolutions, the diaspora’s 'big thinkers', discourses of whiteness, and ways to remember the Motherland.

Section 010                             MWF 11:15am-12:05pm        C. Guerrón Montero

ANTH342 – American Culture Archaeological Perspectives (Group B) 

Archaeological perspectives on issues of concern in contemporary American culture, including the environment, multiculturalism, war, gender, technology and production, and class.

Spring 2021 Topic: Bordering- Centralizing the Marginalized

Section 010                             TR 2:00-3:15pm                     L. DeCunzo

ANTH344 – Anthropology of Clothes  (Group A, multicultural)

Uses clothing as a starting point for examining the themes of gender/sexuality, race and the body, and colonialism. Considers the ritual significance of clothing and bodily adornment in traditional societies and the role of style in contemporary social movements and identity categories. Also investigates the globalization of the fashion industry, focusing on the relationships among citizenship, consumption, labor, and power.

Section 010                             TR 2:00-3:15pm                     K. Thomas

ANTH350 – Topics in Anth: Culture, Law, and Human Rights (DLE)

Examines the cultural dimensions of law, human rights, and their changing relationship to state power, the global economy, social movements, and everyday life. Investigates how law, politics, and economics are enmeshed and how the law provides tools for both social control and social justice. Integrates readings from classical legal anthropology with recent work in a variety of media by anthropologists, journalists, and activists worldwide.

Section 010                             TR 9:30-10:45am                   K. Thomas

ANTH354 – Global Humanitarianism (multicultural)

Explores the politics, ethics, and dimensions of cultural diversity embedded in global humanitarian efforts. Critically examines the humanitarian claim that all humans have the same rights to access care and protection and the reality that human life continues to be stratified by race, sexuality, gender, and ability. Uses ethnographic case studies from throughout the world to investigate the factors that determine life and death in humanitarian crises.

Section 010                             asynchronous                          G. Ramsay

ANTH363 – Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Women/Girlhood in Asia (Group C)

Examines how the lives of Asian women and girls have been affected by cultural, religious, historical, and international forces and how their lived experiences challenge pervasive cultural stereotypes. Uses examples from China, Japan, South Asia, and the Middle East.

Section 010                             TR 12:30-1:45pm                   P. Sloane-White Section 

080 (honors)                           TR 12:30-1:45pm                   P. Sloane-White

ANTH375 – People/Cultures Modern Latin America (in Spanish) (Group B, multicultural, DLE)

Explores the relationship between continuity and change to address the question of when did Latin America became modern? Emphasizes the experiences of indigenous and Afro-Latin American groups in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Section 010                             MWF 9:05-9:55am                 R. Estrada Mejia

ANTH381 – Visions of Native Americans (Group A, multicultural)

Critically examines the visual images of Native Americans that have been created in films, photography, commercial art, and media and analyzes how those images function in Euroamerican culture to perpetuate destructive racial stereotypes.

Section 101                             asynchronous                          J. Custer

ANTH488 – Tutorial in Physical Anthropology (2nd writing, capstone)

History, theory, and method in the field of physical/biological anthropology. Open to majors only. Requires permission of instructor.

Section  010                            T 4:00-7:00pm                        K. Rosenberg

Section 080 (honors)             T 4:00-7:00pm                        K. Rosenberg

ANTH489 – Tutorial in Applied Anthropology (2nd writing, capstone, DLE)

History and contemporary interests of the field of applied anthropology. Critically evaluates debates about the applicability of ethnographic theories and methods to the world beyond the academy. Students undertake supervised original research. Open to majors only. Requires permission of instructor.

Section 010                             MW 3:35-4:50pm                   J. Trivedi

HDFS202 – Diversity and Families (Group C, multicultural)

Examination of diverse families in the United States with a focus on issues of race, ethnicity, social class, and gender. Emphasizes the accelerating effects of globalization and social change.

Section 010                             MWF 11:15-12:05                  B. Sherif-Trask Section 

080 (honors)                           MWF 11:15-12:05                  B. Sherif-Trask

Recommended Courses for Breadth Requirements

Group A 

GEOG345 (Cultural Geography), MUSC227 (Popular Music in the Global South), PHIL204 (World 


Group B  

AFRA110 (Intro African American Studies), HIST170 (Plagues and Peoples in Human History), 

HIST203 (Intro Museums)

Group C 

AFRA215 (Race in Society), CGSC170 (Intro to Cognitive Science), GEOG120 (World Regional 

Geography), HLPR110 (Intro Public Health), HLPR233 (Intro Global Health), LING101 (Intro 

Linguistics), POSC220 (Intro Public Policy), WOMS 201(Intro Women’s Studies)

Group D 

GEOL105/115 (Geological Hazards and Their Human Impacts), NMSC220 (Forensic Science), 

STAT200 (Statistical Practice)

Strongly Recommended Courses for Anthropological Studies

(Does not satisfy breadth requirements, but strongly recommended) 

  • GEOG372 (Intro GIS) 
  • UAPP428 (World Heritage Sites – 1 credit)
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