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Fulfilling Distribution Requirements

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Course #Course TitleSubdisA/S distMulticulDLE2nd writ
ANTH101Intro Social/Cultural AnthroCultBY  
ANTH102Intro  Biological AnthropologyBioD   
ANTH104Intro Arch/Biological AnthArch/BioD   
ANTH200History of AnthroTheory----    
ANTH205Anth and Human NatureCult/BioA   
ANTH218Solving Arch MysteriesArchC Y 
ANTH223Food, Gender, and CultureCultCY  
ANTH232Anth of Global YouthCultCY  
ANTH239Arts/Crafts Native N AmericaCultAY  
ANTH251Intro to Ethnic ArtsCultA   
ANTH275Delaware Prehistoric ArchArchB   
ANTH304Culture, Health, EnvironmentBioD   
ANTH305Evol Human Sex Roles/ReproBioD   
ANTH316Islam and GenderCultC   
ANTH333Peoples of AfricaCultB   
ANTH363Women in Cross-Cultural PerspCultC   
ANTH404Human OsteologyBioD   
ANTH463Historical Arch and the PublicArchC   
ANTH486Tutorial: Socio-cultural Anth----  YY
ANTH488Tutorial: Physical Anth----   Y

Subdis = subdisciplines for anthropology major course distributions
Cult = cultural anthropology Arch = archaeology
Bio = biological anthropology
A/S dist = College of Arts and Sciences distribution requirements
Multicul = Y = satisfies University multicultural requirement
DLE = Y = satisfies University discovery learning requirement
2nd writ = Y = satisfies College of Arts and Sciences 2nd writing requirement​ ​ ​ ​
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Fulfilling Distribution Requirements
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