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Senior Checkout

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Senior Checkout is a service provided by the Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office. It is designed to make sure that you have met or will meet all of the degree requirements for graduation.

 Senior Checkout happens the semester before your expected graduation date (e.g., in the fall, if you expect to graduate in the spring; this date is posted on UDSIS). A coordinator of the Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office (1) reviews your transcript by hand to confirm that you have completed the university, college, and anthropology requirements for graduation, and (2) identifies any requirements that have not yet been met. The coordinator then creates a senior checkout and emails it to your address. You should receive your checkout in time to plan pre-registration for your final semester (i.e., you should get it in late November, if you plan to graduate the following spring).

 Keep in mind:

  • Senior Checkout is not an appointment – you don't need to do anything except check your @udel email. Do not delete this email!
  • It is important to have the right graduation date. Check your expected graduation date in UDSIS and change it, if necessary. That is how the Undergraduate Advising Office knows to complete your senior checkout
  •   Senior checkouts are done in alphabetical order. If your name is Sam Zebra, your friend Andy Aardvark will have his checkout several weeks before you do.
  • If you do not receive your senior checkout in time for pre-registration for your final semester, you should email the Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office at or phone 302-831-3020.
  • If you discover any discrepancies in your senior checkout, email your advisor, Professor Jill Neitzel, at The screening for completion of various graduation requirements is not foolproof and occasional errors occur. These can be resolved. Don't panic!
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Senior Checkout
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Senior Checkout
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