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Advising Fact Sheet

Credits needed to graduate with Bachelor of Arts degree – 124

Credits needed to complete:
Anthropology Major – 33   (Eleven 3‐credit courses)
Anthropology Minor – 18   (Six 3‐credit courses)
Anthropology Education Major – 83   (Twenty seven 3-cedit courses)

Anthropology Major distribution requirements:

ANTH 200
3 sociocultural courses
2 biological courses
2 archaeology courses
1 elective
1 tutorial
1 capstone (a second tutorial, thesis, independent study, anthropology study abroad, or internship)
6 courses at 200+ level of which four courses must be at 300+ level

Anthropology Minor distribution requirements:

2 courses at 100/200 level (only one of which can be at 100 level)
4 courses at 300/400 level

Anthropology Education Major distribution requirements:

All of the requirements for the anthropology major plus eight other social science courses and eight education courses

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Advising Fact Sheet
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