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Fulfilling Distribution Requirements

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Anthropology Courses – Fall 2017
Course #Course TitleSubdisA/S distMulticulDLE2nd writ
ANTH101Intro Social/Cultural AnthroCultBY  
ANTH103Intro Prehistoric ArchArchCY  
ANTH104 Intro Arch/Biological AnthArch/BioD   
ANTH202Genes, Bones, and Fossil RecordBioD   
ANTH205Anth and Human NatureCult/BioA   
ANTH216Intro Material Culture StudiesArchA   
ANTH222Technology and CultureCultC   
ANTH227American CultureCultA   
ANTH232Anth of Global YouthCultCY  
ANTH245Contemp Native Am CultureCultCY  
ANTH304Culture, Health, EnvironmentBioD   
ANTH323Prehistory of South AmericaArchBY  
ANTH326African Diaspora and the WorldCultBY  
ANTH356Anth of ChildhoodBio    
ANTH375Peoples/Cultures Mod Latin AmCultBY  
ANTH487Tutorial: Archaeology----   Y

Subdis = sub disciplines for anthropology major course distributions

                                Cult = cultural anthropology

                                Arch = archaeology

                                Bio = biological anthropology

A/S dist -= College of Arts and Sciences distribution requirements

Multicul = Y = satisfies University multicultural requirement

DLE = Y = satisfies University discovery learning requirement

2nd writ = Y = satisfies College of Arts and Sciences 2nd writing requirement

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How Do These Courses Fill the Requirements
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Fulfilling Distribution Requirements
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